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Distinquished Bates Alumni Application Form

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Lonnie C. Brown (late.)

Class of 1956

Business & Commerce

Mr. Brown was a former employee of Wiley H. Bates High School from 1955 until the school closed in 1966 due to desegregation. He purchased property in the Urban Renewal Area of Annapolis' former Fourth Ward in 1975 where established several successful businesses. He was the owner of Brown's Glo-ing Club and L and G Boutique and continued to maintain a Black business presence in what is now known as the Business Revitalization Area in the city of Annapolis.


Elva Geraldine Hicks Glover

Class of 1956

Science & Technology

1960 graduate of Morgan State College with a BS degree in Mathematics. Hired in July 1960, being the youngest of 5 African-American female mathematicians at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. Played an important role in multiple science projects and activities of the space agency during her 34 years of service to NASA and the Federal Government. During her career she helped to develop algorithmical complex problems including spectral analysis, the scattering of electrons from atoms, excitation of ions by electron impact, the analysis of variable stars and the analysis of the geochemical structure of meteorite.


Torshia Brown Smith

Class of 1956

Tranportation Services

Owner J. Smith Bus Services

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